The SB40 tax levy was passed to provide residential and other related services to people with intellectual/developmental disabilities in Lincoln County. The Lincoln County SB40 Board (now referred to as Community Opportunities) was appointed by the County Commission. A total of $60,280.00 was collected in tax revenues that year. The agency purchased 30 acres adjoining the sheltered workshop.


Built our first group home off South Main Street in Troy (now Opportunity Court).


Construction was completed on the second group home.


The Board approved construction of a multi-purpose building to house the Early Childhood and Adult Day Program & offices. Mary Sullivan-Thomas was hired as the first full-time Executive Director.


The Learning Center was completed to house the Early Childhood and Adult Day Program (now referred to as Community & Employment Services) and administrative offices. On December 2, the Board approved further preschool expansion of services by allowing enrollment of non-disabled children ages 0-5 (into available spaces) into our preschool. We became one of the first providers in the state of Medicaid Waiver Services.


Began providing Individualize Supported Living Services (ISL Services) and leased three apartments in Troy. The agency purchased a house in Troy and began to build a 4-bedroom home in Troy. We signed a contract with Vocational Rehabilitation to begin Employment Services.


Began providing Community Integration Services and received our first 3 year National Accreditation from CARF.


Began contracting with all four school districts in Lincoln County to provide Early Childhood Special Education Services.


Received our second 3 year CARF Accreditation. A portion of the Preschool classes were moved to an inclusive setting at Head Start.


Began providing Community Inclusion Services to individuals in the Day Program.


The new Preschool, located at 123 ABC Lane in Troy, was built and opened in August for the ‘97-’98 school year. We began Transition Services with local school districts for students transitioning from school to work.


Underwent our third CARF Survey and was given zero recommendations which is an outcome achieved by less than 3% of the 3,000 agencies surveyed by CARF.


Our agency was featured in the Missouri Community Betterment Project.


Successfully completed our fourth CARF survey and received another 3 year accreditation.


2002 Support Case Management was added to Employment Services and our agency began conducting Comprehensive Transition Assessments with the Troy School District.


The agency began contracting with three new service providers: BCI, CLI, and ShowMe Aquatics & Fitness.


Our preschool, in conjunction with the Troy R-III public school, applied for and was awarded a grant to operate a (Troy Preschool) MPP Classroom which was housed in the Community Opportunities Preschool Building. The MPP Classroom accommodated area youngsters who would not have otherwise been able to attend preschool due to their family’s economical status.


Our agency officially began providing Case Management Services, serving adults from Lincoln County ages 18 years and older. A Director of Case Management and three full-time Case Managers / Service Coordinators were hired.


The school district took EI/ECSE Services in-house, so we ceased providing those services. We expanded Case Management services to provide services to individuals beginning at age 12. Our Case Management expanded to serve individuals 12 years & older.


In 2010, we renovated the preschool building to locate Community & Employment Services programs and Residential staff offices. In October 2010 we obtained our eighth three-year CARF accreditation. In 2011 our agency was featured in the State of the State Address for Partnership for Hope. Day Program & Community Skills became two separate services.


In 2012, due to Case Management expanding, a 6th Case Manager / Service Coordinator was hired. In 2014 we began utilizing Set-Works staff/client electronic data management program.


August 2016 marked our 40th anniversary since the passage of the SB40 Tax Levy in Lincoln County and hosted an Open House in celebration of this milestone. In November, we successfully completed our ninth CARF survey, obtaining a three-year accreditation. The agency entered into an agreement with County Connections and Macon County to provide local case management conflict-free.


Added a second Community Skills Specialist to oversee part of our Community Skills program due to growth.


Appointed an Associate Director of Employment Services to oversee Employment Services. Awarded a $250,000 grant through Missouri DNR – LWCF and a $90,000 grant from Toyota Bodine for development of an accessible park and playground in Lincoln County. Executive Director was named Troy Area Chamber of Commerce Woman of the Year.


Expanded Case Management to include a full-time Resource Specialist to manage a non-Medicaid caseload. In collaboration with Kiwanis Foundation of Troy, and the City of Troy, the agency begin development of Kiwanis Park All-Inclusive Playground.


The agency received a Recreational Trails Program Grant from MO Dept. of Natural Resources for development of an accessible trail and exercise stations for Phase 2 of Kiwanis Park. Successfully completed Phase 1 of Kiwanis Park All-Inclusive Playground, including installation of a splash-pad in the playground area. We successfully restructured service delivery during the onset of the COVID pandemic to ensure continuity of essential services & supports.

2022 – Today

The agency serves approximately 275 individuals county-wide and employs approximately 90 staff. Currently contract with six eternal service providers. Phase 2 of Kiwanis Park Accessible Trail has been completed and the agency deeded the park to the City of Troy.