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Community & Employment Services

The Community program provides people opportunities to learn a variety of skills in the community. Individuals in this program learn communication, socialization, domestic and educational skills. Community inclusion is the main focus of this program. Each individual has a service plan designed specifically to meet his or her needs. All participants are encouraged to reach their full potential.

Home Management and Community Inclusion Services are provided for people living in their natural homes. Various skills are taught during community activities and/or within the individual's home. Participants are encouraged to join local activities, develop friendships and learn about the community resources available to them.

Through Supported Employment, people with developmental disabilities are employed in the community. Participants receive employment services, tailored to their needs. Community-based work assessments, job development, on the job training a support are provided to each individual.

Job Consultants work with the employers and employees to ensure communication is flowing successfully between the two parties. The employee is encouraged to join committees and participate in work related activities, in order to become more included in the work place.

Give the opportunity to work, the individual is given the chance to become a more self-sufficient, tax paying citizen.

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